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Amazon is Coming: 

What's a Supermarket to do?

With the recent news about Amazon acquiring Whole Foods, it’s now fully evident that Amazon’s assault on physical retail is picking up speed. With several prior experiments already under their belt, Amazon is now heading straight for a neighborhood near you and ready to disrupt the $600+B grocery market.

As frightening as this might be for grocers, where brick and mortar has remained the key to success, it isn’t without hope and evidence from countless industries before yours who have taken a jump into the digital world. In Amazon is Coming: What’s a Supermarket to Do?, Recursive Labs CEO, Bud Albers, uses his decades of experience walking companies through the physical to digital convergence to:

  • Describe the landscape and the threat posed by Amazon and companies like it,
  • Identify reasons for market readiness,
  • Establish a new model for grocers, and
  • Provide tools to help traditional grocers flip existing models on their head.

About Bud Albers

As Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Getty Images, Bud led the company’s bricks to clicks transitions into what J. P. Morgan referred to as “one of the most successful web-based businesses around.”

Subsequently as CTO for MediaNet Digital, he led the product, services and operations efforts for the launch of many of the music services focused on competing with Steve Jobs and iTunes, including Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, HMV, Virgin and Samsung, helping the music industry transition from selling physical discs to what is now almost an exclusively digital product.

Most recently, Bud helped traditional television and film transition as a result of the disruption posed by online video streaming, as Executive Vice President and CTO of Disney. There he was responsible for all of the online, mobile, social and gaming technologies for Disney and their subsidiary brands which included ESPN, ABC, and ABC News. In this role, he also oversaw online video streaming operations that set new records for audience size and video volume.