Choosing CX Tech Final_Page_01.pngChoosing Customer Experience Technology:

What Every Business Leader Must Know

Maximizing the customer experience is among the chief concerns and core responsibilities for today’s businesses. It is challenging to put together a successful customer experience strategy while attempting to also strike a balance between customer wants and needs and organizational budgets and workflows.

This guide is designed to help business leaders understand the nature and the nuances of some of the technologies that improve the customer experience and the bottom line.

Nearly all businesses and contact centers already use some form of the tools outlined here in conjunction with many others. There is particular emphasis on considerations involved in choosing to upgrade to the most modern and technically advanced solutions and on solutions with the highest possibility for broad adoption across all industries.

Specifically, in this guide we consider: 

  • How technology can improve the customer experience,
  • Pros and cons of 5 types of CX tools,
  • Questions to ask when upgrading a technology mix, and
  • A deep look at the impact of video-based customer engagement solutions.