Measuring the CX Final_Page_1.pngMeasuring the Customer Experience:

The CX Metrics Worksheet

Having a holistic view of customer engagements and the customer experience is extremely important to the success of your brand. However, too often organizations keep their data in silos making it difficult to assess the success of customer experience strategies and goals.

Because the customer experience encompasses many departments and includes all customer engagements, it is difficult to analyze the results of efforts to transform it. However, there are many metrics and KPIs your team is likely tracking or data they could easily compile that could give you insight into the customer experience.

In this guide we consider potential data points related to various aspects of your business including:

  • The CX value equation
  • Important terms and definitions
  • Acqusition KPIs,
  • Retention KPIs, and 
  • Efficiency KPIs.